How to install SMA


Get your free SMA plugin trial installed and test it for 45 days

Firstly just to mention that the minimum requirement to install your SMA plugin is to have Mnova version 10.0 or above.

You should have installed Mnova: Download latest version of Mnova here. For further information about this you can read more on our Mnova installation guide.

Mnova SMA is an advanced plugin of Mnova, during the installation process you should choose SMA to install it:

If you have installed Mnova already, from Mnova 12 you will no longer need to download the installers required for some of the advanced plugins (installers that were not included within Mnova program in the past). It will be all done automatically from Mnova 12.

Please read here how to install advanced plugins in Mnova 12:

Please, contact us if you have some problems of doubts with this installation.


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